Balanced Nutrition is an Art...

Start Your Journey of Healthy Life

In our programme, which has been prepared to present you with the rapidly increasing awareness and consciousness of healthy living today, we both offer you a healthy and sustainable life with balanced and adequate nutrition and make it a habit. With our expert dietician and kitchen chef staff, we offer you the opportunity to enjoy an unforgettableholiday and healthy living habits. A wonderful camp awaits you, where you can bothincrease the quality of your healthy life and have fun with a specially prepared programme.

Proper Nutrition and Purification Journey for Healthy Living

We open the doors to a healthy and quality life with a special nutrition model after bodymeasurements and analyses accompanied by Dietician Erkan Yavuz.
What will you learn in our camp?
– Recognise your body structure and needs,
– Learn the basics of healthy eating,
– You will learn the basics of sustainable health nutrition and learn to apply it to your life,
– You will receive all the information and support you need to achieve your goal of weightloss, weight gain or purification.

As a result of the body measurement and analyses to be made with the expert dietician staff, it is aimed to determine the personal nutrition model and to gain weight loss / gain and healthy eating habits.

Pilates, sports, swimming, gym and cycling activities as well as yoga, meditation and breathing exercises are waiting for you with expert trainers.

A camp programme with kitchen workshops and detox drinks awaits you along with elimination nutrition practice.

During the camp, you will participate in trainings on healthy life and nutrition with our expert dietician staff, documentary screenings and group workshops on nutrition and healthy life with a psychologist.

In Alanya, which stands out with its climate, we offer a camping environment where youcan have a great time with city trips, castle trips and trekking, as well as entertainment,dance, music and fireside chats.

At the end of the camp, you will experience an unforgettable moment with the CLEAN NUTRITION CERTIFICATE you will receive at the end of a magnificent gala programme.